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Dsc Price Action Review

Dsc Price Action

Dsc Price Action trading software trades in the EUR/USD currency pair. The developer claims that this trading tool has a high winning rate. Moreover, it leverages the account swiftly and uses Forex leverage to increase the capital of its users.

This trading software is new in the market as it is just one year old. It was published in June 2020 and since then its demo account has been downloaded 906 times. The tool has five activations with its latest version being 1.7 that was updated recently in June 2021.

How Dsc Price Action EA works

There is not much information on Dsc Price Action on the MQL5 website. The vendor only mentions that the expert advisor leverages the account rapidly and augments your capital. However, we do not know the procedure behind this.

This lack of information will deter both beginners and experienced traders from purchasing this Forex robot. Dsc Price Action works on both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. The tool uses a hedge account and M5 timeframe.

Moreover, it uses a leverage of 1:500. The seller does not mention the minimum deposit amount. For more information about its features, strategy, and functionality of this EA, you can message on their WhatsApp number or email them.

Some of its features include:

  • Automatic trading
  • Trades in EUR/USD pair
  • The vendor recommends using ICMarkets or XM brokerages to earn profits
  • You need to open an affiliate account and then email them in order to adjust this EA properly.

Applied strategies

Author profile of Dsc Price Action.

Dsc Price Action was created by Brazil’s Diogo Sawitzki Cansi, who has a trading experience of five years. He claims to offer 10 products and 21 signals in his portfolio, though there are only 10 signals on the MQL5 market.

The vendor has got a rating of 2.8 out of 5 as per 32 customer reviews. You can find this Forex robot only on MQL5 as it does not have its official site. We can assume that Dsc Price Action uses the price action strategy, but we still do not know the indicators it uses.

The seller has shared a Google drive link for downloading its set files. Plus, there are links to MQL5 live results and brokerages. In order to make the trading system function adequately, you need to use diogo.cansi in its settings.

Backtesting results of Dsc Price Action.

When it comes to its backtest, it is done on the EUR/USD pair with a modeling quality of 99%, M5 timeframe, and $250 as its first deposit. With a 1:400 leverage, the result displays 100% profitability. The system generated $112442.84 as its overall profit with a 6.89 profit factor.

Its maximum drawdown is 0%. It has placed 189 trades in total, out of which it did not lose any trade. It seems quite impossible to win all the trades in a backtest. This makes us doubt the authenticity of its backtest; the developer might have manipulated the backtest results.

Dsc Price Action trading results

Growth chart of Dsc Price Action.

Dsc Price Action has a real USD account on myfxbook. The account shows 1175.02% as the overall gain and 50.22% as the absolute gain. There is a big difference between these two values, which shows that this account has high risk and uses a poor trading approach. The account began trading in November, 2020 and stopped trading in July, 2021. The robot traded with a high 99.90% drawdown.

Trading results of Dsc Price Action

It carried out 162 trades with 86% profitability and 1.76 as profit factor. Its trading history shows high lot sizes between 0.02 and 0.08, which indicates high risk as opposed to what the vendor asserts. The high lot size and drawdown show that this EA cannot be trusted.

Pricing & refund

Dsc Price Action is offered at $199. You can also rent it for one month at $30 or try its demo version free of cost. It can help you test and check the settings of this expert advisor. However, there is no refund policy for this EA.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews of Dsc Price Action.

There are five customer reviews on MQL5. Out of these three reviews are positive. However, we cannot trust these reviews as they could have been simply bought or manipulated by the seller to lure new clients. The trading system should have verified customer reviews on third-party websites, such as myfxbook, Trustpilot, and Forexpeacearmy.

Overall rating
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