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Divo EA Review

Divo EA Review

Divo EA uses a three-stage hybrid process of tracking profitable positions in the market. It comes with a News Filter, a Large Spread Filter, etc., to avoid trading in uncertain market conditions. The EA’s both versions were published in January 2022 and have their default settings optimized for the GBPUSD currency pair on the M15 timeframe. We will review these claims and look at the information provided.

How Divo robot works

The robot requires the following steps to work correctly:

  1. Purchase the system from the MQL5 website
  2. Download the files
  3. Launch MT4 or MT5 on your desktop
  4. Drag the EA files onto the charts section
  5. Enable auto-trading

While scanning the charts, the robot will look for profitable opportunities based on the coded information.

Vendor transparency

Anton Kondratev, a Russia-based developer, owns Divo EA. His profile shows that he specialises in C# C++ ASPX WPF SQL MQL, Net OPC UA/DA SIEMENS STL, Net MVC AJAX PHP J. 

Customers can contact the dev through his Telegram channel or the live chat option on the MQL5 website. There is no information about the vendor’s previous job experience or credentials that might verify their professional record. Furthermore, Anton does not provide customers with vital details like company address, telephone number, or an email. This points toward a lack of transparency by this seller. 


The EA has the following features:

  • It is a 100% automated robot.
  • It comes with a slippage, spread protection feature.
  • The system does not use a grid or martingale.
  • The EA works on the MT4 or MT5 platform.

Applied strategies

The developer states that the robot trades on multiple currency pairs on the M15 charts. Each trade comes with a fixed stop loss and take profit, and pending orders are used to get a positive slippage. There is no use of risky grid and martingale.

The history on MQL 5 records show us that the robot has an abrupt increase and decrease in lot size on each trade. It trades towards the end of the NewYork trading session and can hold positions overnight.

The trading history on MQL5.

Backtesting records of the robot are available as screenshots for many currencies. We inspected the GBPUSD currency that was run through historical data for 2 years. However, it is not specified what years these are, making them a bit shaky. From these statistics, it can be observed that the system made a total net profit of 2 348 218.92 from an initial deposit of 3000 USD. The relative equity drawdown value was 33.44%, which is relatively high. 

Total trades count up to 1182. Out of these, 93.15% were profitable, with a profit factor of 5.72. 

Backtesting records of the robot.

Divo EA trading results

Live trading results can be found on the MQL5 website. These are for the USD currency, traded on MT5 with a 1:500 leverage for trades initiated on 2022.05.20. 

Till the current date, the bot made a growth of 58.26%. However, the corresponding max drawdown value is slightly high, having a value of 24.7%. This EA had an initial deposit of 100 USD and made a profit of 58.26 USD. 

The bot participated in 170 trades, of which 35.88% were losing trades. The profit factor is 1.36, with an average holding time of 8 hours. 

The live records are on the MQL5 website.

Pricing & refund

This product is sold for an asking price of 545 USD. Payments are accepted through Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, UnionPay, and Web Money. The seller provides no information about the availability of a money-back guarantee or customer service.

Pricing of the bot on the MQL5 website.

Other notes

The algorithm has a total of 9 reviews, for which it has a rating of 4.5. However, many of the reviews are blank, and we also traced some negative consumer reviews. One customer says that this system does not fare well in real life, and testing the set files from the seller also does not yield any profitable results. 

Customer review on the MQL5 website.


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