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Dentsply Sirona Revenue Surge


In a surprising turn of events, Dentsply Sirona saw a significant increase in revenue in the fourth quarter, leading to a profit for the dental-products manufacturer.

Profitable Quarter

The company reported a profit of $67 million, or 32 cents a share, marking a substantial improvement from the $15 million loss, or 7 cents a share, in the same quarter the previous year. Adjusted earnings stood at 44 cents a share, slightly higher than the analysts’ expectations of 43 cents per share.

Revenue Growth

Sales for the quarter reached $1.01 billion, up from $983 million in the previous year, surpassing analyst projections. The company’s optimistic outlook extends to 2024, with sales expected to range between $3.96 billion to $4.02 billion, showing potential growth of up to 1.5% on an organic basis.

Future Outlook

Dentsply Sirona anticipates adjusted earnings to be between $2 to $2.10 per share in 2024, aligning with analysts’ forecasts for the year. CEO Simon Campion expressed confidence in the company’s trajectory towards improved profitability and earnings growth in the upcoming year.


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