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DD Markets

Is DD Markets a good signal provider?

We’d like you to read a review about a DD Markets company.

DD Markets presentation

Are we the only ones who confused by this tombstone? After the first time we thought about it, we couldn’t change our opinion. Everything we wanted to say was just “rest in peace”. Jokes aside. Let’s talk about service.

DD Markets presentation
DD Markets presentation

The next we saw was a block about everything good against everything bad, but after this, there’s a scheme about the service’s features.

  • They provide the estimated duration for every signal, risk ratio, and the possible fundamental triggers for the trade.
  • The strategy for every signal that is issued is presented, allowing seasoned traders to further balance their risk in global markets.
  • We’ll receive signals for Forex, Commodities, Indices, Stocks, Custom Market Research.
DD Markets features

There are much research and calculations behind every sent signal. 

  • The drawdown risk management is essential to trading as without it hefty losses may be incurred. We refrain from exercising excessively large stop-loss orders and strive to implement stops that may be recovered in future trades if they are triggered by the market.
  • The Return on Investment (ROI) following our trade alerts and strategies may vary from trader to trader.
  • They provide the technical or fundamental strategy for their signals in the market and the initiate the trade, all their members are notified via email as well as any future updates on the market and on the open trades.
  • They work around the Intraday strategy.
  • They mostly focus on the Forex market.
  • They also monitor the leading indices (SP500, DAX30, FTSE100) and commodities (crude oil and gold)
Q&A page about COVID-19

There’s a Q&A page about COVID-19 and the fact that it doesn’t influent trading and signals from them.

DD Markets signals for Cryptocurrencies

In addition, the company provides signals for Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC/USD). Ethereum (ETH/USD) and Ripple Coin (XRP/USD). Cryptocurrencies were added to Bloomberg Terminals, Bitcoin futures are also available in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). As cryptocurrencies are being recognized by financial institutions we began providing forecasts and strategies in the cryptocurrency markets.

DD Markets weekly research

Checking weekly research we found out articles three-years-old.

10,000 or 0.10 lots87 PIPS
20,000 or 0.20 lots44 PIPS
30,000 or 0.30 lots29 PIPS
40,000 or 0.40 lots22 PIPS
50,000 or 0.50 lots17 PIPS

The devs provided a calculation of how big should be an account balance and what size “lot size” has to be, and required gained pips to cover the payment for a 30-day subscription.

Onsite trading results

DD Markets trading results
DD Markets trading results

There are sheets with “traded” results. If we click on any Instrument we see that all of them are connected to one single news.

DD Markets news

So, there’s no economic background behind the trades. For now, we’re not sure that these numbers are real and connected to the signals they provide. We’ve checked reports for the last three years and couldn’t find any Crypto signal.


There are several packages with various plans.

  • Global Trade Alerts 14-day Plan. It allows access to all their published trade alerts on the website. Constant trade updates and instant notifications via email. It costs $60 for 14 days
  • Global Trade Alerts 30-day Plan. It allows us to get access to the same functionality. The price is $90. for 30 days.
  • Global Trade Alerts 90-day Plan costs $230.

The next packages are spot ones.

  • Forex (Spot) Intraday Strategies 14-day Plan. It provides direct access to their Forex intraday strategies. Spot Intraday Strategies 14-day plan costs $50.
  • Forex (Spot) Intraday Strategies 30-day Plan costs $75.
DD Markets Pricing

There are two packages that united the previous ones.

Global trade alerts + Intraday 30-day plan costs $140. 90-day one costs $400.

The last one is the Cryptocurrency 30-day Plan that costs $60.

  • It provides direct access to their cryptocurrency strategies, forecasts, and signals
  • We’ll get Instant notifications to our email when an update is released

DD Markets Is Not A Reliable Signal Provider

  • No team revealed
  • Fake traded results
  • No verified account results provided
  • No economic background behind signals
  • No free signals to check their service
  • No group in Telegram nor Whatsapp
  • No people feedback provided
  • No crypto signals the last several years
  • High pricing
  • The last news in the blog is several years old
  • Fall of useless text across the whole site
Overall rating
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