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CMC Markets Review

CMC Markets

Broker CMC Markets is one of the leading FX and CFD trading companies founded in 1989. The FCA regulates the broker. The company provides a wide range of trading assets, including indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. A solid experience in the financial services market, regulation in the UK, and segregated accounts for clients are the foundation of a high level of traders’ trust. The broker also has a risk management program. 

Company details

The brokerage company CMC Markets, founded by Peter Cruddas, appeared on the financial market back in 1989. Today the company is recognized as the global leader in online retailing. Currency Management Corporation began trading on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) as a currency broker with only one desk, one phone. 

The company’s only employee was Peter himself, an ambitious speculator and businessman. CMC Markets’ flagship discovery is a platform that facilitates retail foreign exchange trading, enabling the organization’s clients to take advantage of a market advantage previously available exclusively to institutional investors. 

The CMC Markets official website is accessible to Internet users under cmcmarkets.com. The resource is designed in a somewhat non-standard way. 

There is no intuitive navigation here. To find the information you need, you have to tinker a little. The rest of the service is not similar to those created by fraudulent organizations. Excellent localization is present. The website has been translated into 12 world languages. 

Traders access these trading services on all assets, but the conditions vary depending on the asset class. The minimum spread offered starts from 0.7pips for EUR/USD but fluctuates depending on the currency pair. The points also vary on indices and commodities as the lowest trades at one point for some indices and 0.3 points for gold. The margins fluctuate with FX margin (leverage) trading at 3.3% and 30:1 while indices and commodities trade with a 5% margin. 


The organization is headquartered in the UK, so CMC Markets UK Plc is controlled by the FCA’s regulator, the UK Financial Conduct Authority. The office has registration number 173730. 

Broker CMC Markets must comply with the CASS – FCA rules on client assets. The intermediary in question does not keep the client money in personal accounts. Investors’ funds are adept in British banks and outside the state in Ulster Bank (Ireland), Deutsche Bank (Germany), Barclays (France). 

UK clients’ money may be located outside the country. However, the broker is responsible for the investments of all clients. Brokers clients can be sure that their money is safe. Thus, even in the event of the liquidation of this corporation, the money is insured for up to £ 85,000. 

Available markets

The broker offers more than 10,000 instruments with competitive spreads and margins. 

Available markets


There is over 350 currency pairs made up of both significant pairs and exotics. Some of the major currency pairs include EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, etc.

These assets trade with spreads starting from 0.7 pips, instant executions at 0.0045 seconds, and with no dealer intervention — clients have a 99.7% fill rate.

CMC Markets - Forex


Over 80 indices trade on the broker based on the FTSE 100 and other regional indices. The indices basket holds the UK 100, US 30, etc., at a 24/5 trading schedule. It offers accurate bid/ask prices on these assets with no dealer intervention.

CMC Markets - Indices


Broker’s clients trade over 100 commodity assets, including popular instruments such as Brent and West Texas oil and lesser-traded products like palladium. 

Some of these assets trade at a minimum spread of 0.3 points and a margin rate of 5%. Some of the commodities include natural gas, gold, silver, among others.

CMC Markets - Commodities

Shares & ETFs

CMC Markets claims to offer over 9000 instruments on shares and ETFs. The asset class holds about 250 biggest UK shares and the most popular US shares. They trade with instant execution and automation and 24/5 customer support. 

Thus, the spreads start from as low as 0.1 points but fluctuate depending on the instrument.

CMC Markets - Shares & ETFs


There are about 14 crypto assets available for trading. The assets trade with instant execution and a 99.9% fill rate. Clients experience limited partial and 0 manual dealer interventions. 

The min. spreads start from as low as 1.9 points and change relative to the asset. Some of the digital assets include BTC, ETH, and various altcoins.

CMC Markets - Cryptocurrencies


The broker also diversifies its markets into treasuries such as bonds and global rates. Clients trade over 50 treasuries with full automation, fast executions, and without any dealer intervention. The broker also offers access to 24/5 expert customer support to clients trading these instruments and others, such as the US T-Bond trade up to 23 hours a day. Some of the assets include euro Bund-Cash, UK Gilt-Cash, etc.

CMC Markets - Treasuries

Account overview

The broker provides both a demo account and a live account. The demo accounts act as a learning tool, especially for beginners, while the live account serves both intermediate and professional traders. However, the broker also allows newbies to create a live account directly as it offers social trading. 

The live accounts include:

  • A spread betting account
  • CFDs trading account
  • Corporate account
CMC Markets - Account

Spread Betting account

  • The min. deposit is 0
  • Access to a demo account
  • There is no trading commissions
  • Negative balance protection — yes
  • Base currencies — GBP, EUR
  • Market data fees  — no
  • Inactivity fees — yes (after one year)
  • Fast execution
  • Access to over 10,000 instruments
  • Free deposits and free withdrawals
  • Access to free education, online trading courses
  • Access to real-time market trends and advanced trading tools
  • Spreads starting from 0.7 pips
  • Leverages of up to 30:1 for FX

CFD account

  • The min. deposit is 0
  • Access to a demo account
  • A $10 trading commission on shares only
  • Negative balance protection — yes
  • Ten base currencies
  • Market data fees  — yes
  • Inactivity fees — yes (after one year)
  • Trade with points low points starting from as low as 0.3 points
  • Leverages of up to 20:1 for stock index CFDs and 5:1 for stock CFDs
  • Instant execution
  • Access to over 10,000 markets
  • Free deposits and withdrawals
  • Access to real-time market trends
  • Access to free education, online trading courses

How to open an account?

CMC Markets - How to open an account

Step 1. Log into the website at https://www.cmcmarkets.com/en/

Step 2. Click the Create Account.

Step 3. Fill up with the details a form asking for your nationality, age, etc.

Step 4. Verify your email address by entering the security code sent to you.

Step 5. Choose the type and preferred currency.

Step 6. Verify your identity using KYC documents and fund your account.

Step 7. Start trading.

Deposit and withdrawals


Deposit channels include:

  • Bank wire transfers
  • E-wallet transfers
  • Credit/debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard


If you withdraw funds from a trading account to a plastic card, then the money withdrawal will not be long in coming. The system processes such transactions instantly. Remember that a bank transfer will have to wait for one day (depending on your bank). 

How to withdraw?

The best way to cash out your trading account with CMC Markets is by transferring to a plastic bank card Visa or MasterCard. The commission is minimal, and the term for the transaction is theoretically absent because transactions are carried out instantly. 

Trading fees

Despite waiving fees on deposits and withdrawals, CMC Markets imposes trading fees and commissions depending on the account type and asset. CFD and corporate account traders face a $10 trading commission when trading shares. They also incur fees on market data depending on their subscriptions. As reiterated in this review, margins, leverage, and spreads fluctuate relative to the asset on trade. 

However, CMC Markets’ fees include:

  • Fees on the markup spread
  • Overnight fees
  • Fees contributed by trade margins and leverages

Clients also incur a ten euros monthly fee after one year of account dormancy. But, the broker also offers some incentive services like negative balance protection and rebates on the volume of trades.

Platform and features

The broker provides clients with two trading platforms available on different interfaces. Clients choose either its proprietary trading platform dubbed “next-generation” or the MT4 trading platform. The broker’s proprietary platform serves clients with mainstream trading technology and holds several awards due to its customer service.  

Next-generation platform

This platform serves the broker’s clients on all its accounts. It’s available on the web, desktop, and mobile phones giving clients the ability to trade from anywhere. 

  • Market watch indicators providing clients with new and market insights
  • Fast order execution and easy to use
  • Advanced features including boundary orders, stop-loss orders, price ladders
  • One-click trading
  • Live chat and feedback
  • Over 10,000 instruments, 115 technical indicators, 70 chart patterns
CMC Markets - Next-generation platform


The broker also offers the MetaTrader 4 as a substitute for its main trading platform, as most traders prefer using it. 

  • Instant trade executions
  • Tight spreads
  • Automated trading
  • Live chat with customer support
  • One-click through trading
  • Over 10,000 instruments
  • Interactive features
CMC Markets - MT4


CMC Markets - Features

CMC Markets features generally include.

Trading toolsAnalytical tools
EAs on news and insights

Trading calculator

Charting tools

Advanced order options like one-click trading, price ladders, etc.
Market watch information tools

Technical analysis tools

Indicators & signals

Pros and cons 

The broker is an Authorized Company licensed under the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Clients’ money is held in separate international banks such as Barclays and Deutsche Bank.

Customer funds are insured up to £85,000.

The broker provides many investment instruments.

Variety of trading platforms.

There is a mobile application.

There is a web version of trading platforms. 
There have been delays in payments for several days.

There are just a few ways to deposit and cash out a trading account.

Despite the impressive amount of information, the official website does not have data on the minimum amount of start-up capital, transaction speed.

A new account must be opened for each category of trading assets.

Apart from manual trading, there are no investment options. 


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