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Champion EA Review

Champion EA

Champion EA is a Forex expert advisor that was launched on 30th September 2021. It is a system that can trade in five Forex pairs simultaneously. The vendor claims the EA has a record of winning profits for several months on real accounts and that it has a drawdown below 10% for one year.

How Champion EA works

Champion EA is sold on the MQL5 website, where the vendor has briefly explained how the robot functions. They have also outlined the main features and shared the EA requirements and installation instructions. We also have a list of settings for the robot as well as one for the news filter. On the product page, you can also find the pricing details and a few reviews from users.

The developer behind this EA is a Russian trader called Evgenii Aksenov. We have virtually no information available on this person, so it is unclear what kind of trading experience they have. On their MQL5 profile, there is an official email address. Other expert advisors from this developer include GOLD EAgle, Joker EA, Gold Dragon, Genesis EA, Batman Midnight Hunter, FIBO Trend EA, and Level Trend EA.

Champion EA has a one-chart setup and you can use it to trade all the symbols. It is compatible with pairs like AUD/NZD, GBP/CAD, EUR/CAD, NZD/CAD, and AUD/CAD. The vendor recommends attaching the EA to an H1 chart for the AUD/CAD pair. 

This robot is not sensitive to slippage and spread, but the vendor recommends using an ECN broker with a low spread. They have also recommended using a VPS for stable operation. To get started, you need a hedging account and a minimum deposit of $100 for each pair. 

From the EA settings, you can change the profit/drawdown ratio. When you increase the profit, the drawdown automatically goes up. You also have the option of using the long New Year’s break. This causes the robot to avoid trading during a period of low market density between December 23 and January 7. 

To activate the news filter, you must add a news resource in the EA terminal. You can turn the filter on and off and make it pause before or after a news release. It is also possible to make the filter pause during minor, medium, and major news. 

Applied strategies

This EA uses an arbitrage strategy where it analyzes the strength of each pair separately. Champion EA searches for optimal entry and exit points in the Forex market. It has a news filter that lets you avoid random transactions in unpredictable markets. There are no further details available on the strategy.

Backtesting results of Champion EA.

The vendor has shared the backtesting results in an odd format. We are not able to see the growth chart, and many vital parameters like win rate and drawdown cannot be seen in the screenshot. The EA started with an initial deposit of $1000 and conducted 13685 trades. It had a profit factor of 1.69 and a recovery factor of 4.41.

Champion EA trading results

Trading results of Champion EA.

No verified trading account exists for this expert advisor. Here, we have the results presented in a live account on MQL5. This account has a short trading history of 148 trades, during which it has conducted a total of 529 trades. The win rate for this account is currently quite high at 79.39% and the total profit is $6985.79. It has a high maximum drawdown of 40.7%, which is indicative of a risky trading strategy. This also means that the vendor’s claim of low drawdown is a false one. 

Pricing & refund

Champion EA is available for a price of $1250. Compared to other expert advisors on the market, this is quite expensive. The vendor offers a free demo version of the system that you can use for testing purposes. However, there is no money-back guarantee offer.

Customer reviews

User reviews for Champion EA on MQL5.

We were not able to find any user reviews for this robot on trusted third-party websites. On MQL5, there are a few reviews for Champion EA. Nevertheless, we have no way to verify their authenticity.


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