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Cedar Fair and Six Flags announce $8 billion merger


Cedar Fair L.P. and Six Flags Entertainment Corp. have come to an agreement to merge their operations in a deal valued at approximately $8 billion, which includes debt. This merger of equals will bring together two iconic amusement park companies and create a highly diversified footprint in North America.

Terms of the deal

As per the terms of the agreement, Cedar Fair unitholders will receive one share of common stock in the new combined company for each unit they own. On the other hand, Six Flags shareholders will be entitled to 0.5800 shares of common stock in the new entity for each share they own. After the deal is finalized, Cedar Fair unitholders will hold a 51.2% stake in the new entity, while Six Flags shareholders will own the remaining 48.8%.

Strengthening park offerings and performance

Cedar Fair CEO Richard Zimmerman expressed his excitement about the merger, stating that it will establish a more robust operating model and greatly enhance the park offerings and performance. Both companies believe that this strategic combination will allow for a highly diversified portfolio and open up new opportunities for growth.

Extensive presence across North America

The newly merged company will boast an impressive portfolio comprising 27 amusement parks, 15 water parks, and 9 resort properties across 17 states in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This widespread presence is expected to generate significant synergistic benefits.

Anticipated benefits and timeline

Upon completion of the merger, it is estimated that the combined entity will achieve annual synergies of $200 million. The deal is projected to close in the first half of 2024. Once finalized, the new company will continue to operate under the Six Flags name and will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol FUJN.


This transformative merger between Cedar Fair and Six Flags is set to create a powerhouse in the amusement park industry. With their combined revenue of $3.4 billion in the last 12 months, the newly formed entity is poised for even greater success. The announcement has garnered significant attention, with further details reported by the Wall Street Journal.


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