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Carrefour Reports Strong Q3 Sales Performance


By Andrea Figueras

Carrefour, the French grocer, announced impressive sales growth in the third quarter, indicating overall positive customer behavior and consistent performance compared to the previous quarter. The company also maintained its full-year forecast.

  • Q3 Sales Reach €23.63 Billion ($25.03 Billion)

Carrefour saw a significant increase in sales during the three-month period ending in September, with a total revenue of €23.63 billion. This marks a 9% rise on a like-for-like basis.

  • France Market Flourishes with 4.3% Growth

Carrefour’s home market, France, experienced a notable growth of 4.3% in sales, reaching €10.77 billion.

  • Europe Shows Positive Momentum with 4.1% Sales Increase

Sales across Europe also demonstrated a positive trend, with a 4.1% rise to €6.54 billion.

  • Latin America Records Remarkable Growth, Despite Challenges

Carrefour witnessed extraordinary growth in Latin America, where sales soared by 20% to €6.32 billion, despite a 3.7% decline in Brazil. These figures are on a like-for-like basis.

  • Unwavering Consumer Behavior Amidst Purchasing Power Constraints

Despite the ongoing pressure on purchasing power, consumer behavior remained unchanged both in France and across Europe, according to Carrefour.

  • Approved Acquisition of Cora Activities in Romania

  • Maintaining Cost Discipline and Efficiency

The company continues to prioritize cost management and efficiency, implementing various initiatives throughout the third quarter. This commitment reinforces its goal of achieving €1 billion in savings this year.

  • Optimistic Outlook for Key Financial Indicators

Carrefour remains confident in its projected growth for earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization, recurring operating income, and net free cash flow.


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