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Braskem and SCG Chemicals Joint Venture for Bio-based Ethylene Plant in Thailand


Braskem and SCG Chemicals Public Company Limited (SCGC) have joined forces to establish a joint venture in Map Ta Phut, Rayong, Thailand. The collaboration aims to develop a bio-based ethylene plant capable of producing 200,000 metric tons (mt)/yr. Although the project is still pending final investment decisions and regulatory approval, both companies are optimistic about its potential.

Revolutionizing Ethylene Production with Renewable Resources

Braskem, in partnership with Lummus Technology LLC, will supply the process technology required to produce ethylene from sugarcane-based ethanol. Subsequently, SCG Chemicals, a prominent polyethylene (PE) producer, will utilize the ethylene to manufacture bio-based PE under the “I’m Green” brand. This eco-friendly PE will find applications in various industries, including food packaging, toys, and trash can liners.

Vision for a Greener Future

This joint venture aligns with Braskem’s and SCGC’s ambitious targets of producing 1 million mt of green, or bio-based, products annually by 2030. The companies envision a future that replaces traditional fossil feedstocks with sustainable alternatives, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world.

Expanding Capabilities and Global Reach

To further bolster their bio-based production capabilities, Braskem recently announced a 30% expansion of its existing bio-ethylene plant in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. This expansion increases the plant’s capacity from 200,000 mt/yr to an impressive 260,000 mt/yr. The PE produced using feedstock from this facility is currently exported to over 30 countries and used by more than 250 prominent brands worldwide.

Making a Positive Impact on the Environment

Braskem takes great pride in their commitment to sustainability. The company emphasizes that every ton of plastic resin made from renewable feedstock eliminates approximately 3 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. By championing innovative and eco-friendly production methods, Braskem is actively contributing to the fight against climate change.


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