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Boeing Shares Rise on FAA Statement


In the midst of a market where the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average were slightly down, Boeing’s shares managed to rise by 2.5%. This significant movement was sparked by a statement issued by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Commitment to Change

FAA Administrator Mike Whitaker emphasized the necessity for Boeing to make genuine and substantial improvements. He stated, “Making foundational change will require a sustained effort from Boeing’s leadership, and we are going to hold them accountable every step of the way, with mutually understood milestones and expectations.”

Expectations for Improvement

Following a meeting between FAA officials and Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun, Whitaker expects Boeing to present a comprehensive plan within the next 90 days. The aim is to enhance safety and quality standards within the company.

Oversight Intensified

The scrutiny on Boeing heightened after an incident involving an emergency-door plug blowing out of a 737 MAX 9 jet operated by Alaska Air during mid-flight. Consequently, all MAX 9 jets were temporarily grounded. Following thorough inspections and necessary adjustments, they were cleared to resume service a few weeks later.

FAA Oversight of Boeing 737 MAX Production

One Step at a Time

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is taking the responsibility of overseeing the re-entry to service of the Boeing 737 MAX seriously. They have clearly stated that they will not approve any expansion of 737 MAX production until they are completely satisfied with Boeing’s quality and safety procedures.

Production Numbers

Currently, Boeing is capable of producing around 38 MAX jets per month. However, the company has aspirations to increase this number to 50 jets per month in the future.

Meeting FAA Standards

One major obstacle Boeing must overcome is meeting the increasingly stringent standards set by the FAA. The recent statement from the FAA indicates that progress is being made, which was well-received by investors.

Clear Path Forward

According to a statement from Calhoun, there is a clear understanding of the necessary steps moving forward. The transparency in discussions has played a crucial role in outlining a comprehensive action plan with measurable criteria to show the significant changes demanded by Administrator Whitaker and the FAA.

Stock Performance

The challenges faced by the 737 MAX jet have had a noticeable impact on Boeing’s stock, which was down approximately 23% year to date. In contrast, shares of their competitor Airbus have seen a rise of about 6% over the same period.

In conclusion, as Boeing works diligently to meet the expectations set by the FAA, investors remain optimistic about the company’s future prospects.


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