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Best Scalper Robot Review

Best Scalper Robot

Today we’ve got the Best Scalper robot to check. The presentation is several-pages short and we love it. Half of the presentation is links/charts on the 3rd part verified accounts with different settings.

The robot has got some features like:

  • It trades during the Asia-market session
  • ECN Brokers
  • EUR/USD and GBP/USD currency pairs supporting
  • MT5 version of the EA is introduced

Best Scalper trading results

There are six accounts provided. Four of them are low-funded ones.

Best Scalper Robot Myfxbook

The official real USD account has been stopped three years ago and “a little bit” withdrawn.

Best Scalper Robot Myfxbook

It’s a ForexGermany one. The robot trades till present. Let’s talk about that one. It’s a real AUD account. Therobot trades through IC Markets, with 1:500 leverage on the MetaTrader 4 platform.

The forex robot provided 2079.25% of the gain during a 5.5 years period. The monthly gain is good and equals 4.65%. The max drawdown is 53.3%. We don’t know what leverage was during this max drawdown.

Best Scalper Robot advanced statistics

The robot has performed 3288 deals with just 3527 pips. The average loss is two times more (-6.68 pips) than the win (3.85 pips). Win-rate is between 71% and 75%. The profit factor (1.15) is quite low. The average trade length is one hour.

Best Scalper Robot statistics

As we can see, longs have brought more pips.

Best Scalper Robot statistics

Please, take a look at the Monday win-rate. It’s 91% and this is huge.

Best Scalper Robot statistics

The account recovers with high-risk trading.

Best Scalper Robot statistics

Every deal that’s been traded longer than 2.5 hours has been lost.

Best Scalper Robot statistics

The robot trades smooth and sound. Across all these deals, there’s only one where a stop-loss level has been reached.

Best Scalper Robot monthly gain

December 2019 has been ended with huge losses.

Best Scalper Robot monthly gain

But 2020 is going quite well.

The offer

Best Scalper Robot offer

The robot has got two packages. For $300, we’ll receive one real account, demo accounts, and free updates. For $400, it’ll be two real accounts. As well, the devs provided a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is The Best Scalper Robot still alive and good to go?


  • 3rd-part verified trading results from various users
  • ECN Brokers
  • Two currency pairs trading
  • MT5 support
  • Good profitability
  • Solid win-rate
  • Extremely high Mondays’ win-rate
  • Every second trade hits TP levels
  • Many demo-accounts provided
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Lack of backtests
  • High max drawdown
  • Robot owner account has been stopped
  • Trades over than two hours have high chances to be closed with losses
  • Lack of people feedback
  • Mid-price


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