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AVIA Review


AVIA is a money-management service that has simple and not quite an informative presentation. We’re here to help you to figure out if it fits an average trader’s expectations. 

How AVIA works

We prepared a list of settings, details, and strategies gathered in the next list:

  • The developers provide MAM account management. 
  • The system can work with all major pairs. 
  • They provide us with a detailed trading plan. 
  • The advisor avoids trading with major risks, and it’s managed during the whole time. 
  • They focus on macro fundamentals. 
  • The team has proper experience for trading well. 
  • There are four levels of possible risks.
  • We may take a look at the “Levels of Risk Tolerance” chapter for more details.
  • The system works automatically but needs from time to time developers management. 
  • It’s especially important because of the level of drawdowns. 
  • We may use a broker we want. 
  • If it’s not a good one, we have to register for the new one. 
  • The leverage should be 1:500 if we have an account lower than 40k. 
  • It should allow an unlimited number of open positions
  • The broker should allow us to hedge. 
  • Micro lots trading should be allowed. 
  • The devs provide a 30 days trial that helps us to give the system a try. 
  • It should be done on a demo account. 
  • The system opens and closes orders on a daily basis. 
  • With conservative risks, we can make 12% monthly with 7-10% drawdowns. The minimum investments are $3,000. 
  • With moderate risks, we can make 18% monthly with 9-12% drawdowns. The minimum investments are $3,000. 
  • With aggressive risks, we can make 25% monthly with 13-17% drawdowns. The minimum investments are $3,000. 
  • With very aggressive risks we can make 34% monthly with 15-20% drawdowns. The minimum investments are $3,000. 

Applied strategies

  • We have no idea what strategies are behind the system. 
  • It works with any cross pairs. 
  • The time frames aren’t revealed as well. 

AVIA trading results

We have a trading account where the system works with the lowest risks because the higher risks, the more horrible results it shows. 

AVIA live trading results.

The system works on the account with 307,957 GBP on balance. It’s huge. The floating loss is -$52,992. The margin level is 4813%. 

AVIA statistics.

The absolute gain is 55.1%. An average monthly gain is 17.9%. The maximum drawdown is 6.0%. The win rate is okay – 77.2%. The profit factor is high as well – 2.52. The robot has been working for 78 days. 

AVIA risks.

The RIO is 9.46. The risk of ruin is 0.0%. An average trade length is 35 hours. An average trade is $35.90. An average win is $76.97 when an average loss is -$104.41. 

AVIA cross pairs.

The robot works with all available pairs. USDCAD is the most traded symbol with 361 orders. EURUSD is the most profitable with $13,446. 

AVIA buy and sell directions.

The sell direction is traded almost twice more frequently than the buy direction. 

AVIA applied strategies.

The system has 64 groups of strategies on the board. 

AVIA daily trading activities.

Tuesday is the most traded day with 625 orders and $25,051 of profits. 

AVIA hourly activities.

The system trades during European trading hours mostly. 

AVIA monthly activities.

The system works with different profit factors.

AVIA closed orders.

The robot uses various lot sizes on various pairs. It’s risky to have no united management. 

Pricing & refund

AVIA offer.

There are various performance fees depending on the account balance size. They vary from 36% to less than 25%. We will be charged monthly. 

People feedback

AVIA testimonials.

The system has a previous account fully blown. 

Negative user review on FPA.

This person couldn’t manage to be profitable with this service. 

Other notes

As was mentioned, there’s a free trial for 30 days. We may use it on a demo account to be sure that everything is alright. We can do it on MT4 and MT5 platforms.

Update 2021

According to the whois.domaintools.com, the website was updated in September 2021. The devs rebranded their product. Now it’s called Alphi. The presentation is almost the same with little changes applied. The dev also attached a new trading account to demonstrate the trading performance of the Alphi system. However, the system does not show good trading results.


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