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Automic Trader Review

Automic Trader

Automic Trader is an expert advisor that joined the LeapFX portfolio several weeks ago. The developers are known on Forex. The devs claimed that Automic Trader is a new system that ‘Lets You Build A Steady, Compounded Passive Income From The Forex Markets…And The BEST Part Is It Requires NO Prior Trading Experience.” It’s time to put aside that flood and explain the best intel about the system. 

How Automic Trader robot works

The presentation includes some explanations among useless and emotional statements. 

  • We can work automatically with this system on our terminal. 
  • We can use the following charts to trade AUDUSD, EURGBP, EURUSD, GBPJPY, USDCAD, and USDJPY. 
Automic Trader claims.
  • The advisor can protect our account with a proper feature. 
  • The advisor can be used even by beginners. 
  • We can trade with six pairs. 
  • An expected monthly profitability is 20-30%. 
  • If we want more profits up to 50-100% monthly we can increase risks. 
  • There’s an “internal settings optimization system.”
  • We can customize risks as we want to. 
  • There will be a user manual with recommendations and instructions provided.
  • We can expect lifetime updates. 

Applied strategies

  • We have no details about the strategy behind it. 
  • The devs decided not to tell us about all possible cross pairs to trade.
  • We don’t know the time frame either. 
Automic Trader backtest report.

There’s a report that showed us that the system was truly tested. The total net profit has amounted to 736.12% or $44,167. Automic Trader has traded 960 orders with 2.79 of the profit factor. The total win rate  was 76.35%. A maximum drawdown was 10.7%. It’s not a very big number. 

Automic Trader trading results

Automic Trader trading results.

The presentation is featured by a Myfxbook widget. The advisor works on a real Blaze Markets account with 1:200 leverage on MT4 automatically for them. The account has a verified track record. It was created on April 07, 2021, and deposited at $1,000. It’s not a big deposit compared with the price of the system. Since then, the absolute growth has amounted to 185.54%. 

Automic Trader details.

The system traded 237 orders with 3387.4 pips. An average win is 30.95 pips when an average loss is a bit deeper, -42.14 pips. An average accuracy for longs is 79% and 75% for shorts. An average trade length is two days. The profit factor is 2.60. Everything that’s higher than 1.6 is good. 

Automic Trader directions.

The advisor can trade at least six cross pairs. EURGBP is the most profitable pair among others – $447.82. 

Automic Trader trading hours.

The robot prefers opening trades during the night session. It can scalp profits. 

Automic Trader daily activities.

Monthly activities are surprising because Wednesday is so ahead of other days. 

Automic Trader risks.

The system executes orders with medium risks to the account balance. 

Automic Trader closed orders.

We may note that there’s not only a Grid of orders but Martingale as well. 

Automic Trader monthly profits.

We may note that monthly profitability is completely unpredictable. 

Pricing & refund

Automic Trader pricing.

We have a standardized offer here. We can subscribe for a year for $497. The lifelong license will cost $650. We can expect to get Automic Trader software, free updates, full customer support, best recommendations, 30-day refunds, and a $100 bonus in the package. There are no details about the bonus and how it can be spent. 

People feedback

Fake customer testimonials.

We have plenty of positive testimonials about the system published on the site. However, we can not trust them as they can easily be manipulated by the developer.

Other notes

The robot was published just several weeks ago. It’s too early to say anything for sure about it. 


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