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Arya Review


With different trading tools, Arya aims at targeting developing traders in a bid to sell their program. The tools sold by them for a price are generally available for free in the financial marketplace.

Arya presentation

How Arya works

Arya Pro software runs on the MT4 platform. You have to place their designated robot on the respective chart for proper functioning. The auto trading tab must be enabled. You can then set the individual settings within the set file of the expert advisor. The website doesn’t share much information about the setup. There are videos available without any volume, which is a poor practice.

Vendor Transparency

There is no information on the whereabouts of the developers. The company states that they have been featured on top websites such as Forbes but fail to provide any hyperlinks to confirm the claim. The only way to contact them is through email.


Arya has the following features:

  • Arya signals provide trades of professionals traders
  • Trading courses are available to help beginners
  • Various tools to help proper risk management
  • Aids in controlling human emotions otherwise detrimental for trading 

Applied Strategies

There is no information available on the trading strategies they are teaching within their courses and signals. The whole website reeks of different claims that every other scammer makes within the industry. They have recently updated their terminology from trading 1.0 to 2.0, which comes with a few additional features. Arya also claims to transform your manual strategies into algorithmic ones and protects the trading capital.

Signal service requires you to understand their trade plan, templates and participate in the trading room. The mentors are there to provide ten years of combined experience to retail traders. There is also a market analysis section, yet no explanations are there for the observations made.

Arya. Expert traders guiding your journey

Arya Trading Results

There are no verified trading results that could help us confirm their performance. This raises a considerable amount of red flags for the system. For a service that claims to have traders with decades of experience, there should be something to show on Myfxbook. Through a custom search on Myfxbook, we were able to get trading results.

Someone used the system to trade on XTB with leverage of 1:100. It traded for a short duration in May 2019 and had a -0.6% loss. Maybe the trader decided that it was not helpful in any way and stopped using it. There is an order opened on 24 May 2019. If the system had been proficient enough on risk management claims, it would have closed it long ago.

Arya trading results

Pricing & Refund

For a system that provides no transparency and has inferior performance on Myfxbook, the asking price of $299 per month for a year is too high. There is also a free package that comes with limited features that have no benefits whatsoever. 

Arya Pricing

Other Notes

For a system that claims to be featured on Forbes, there are no reviews available on Forex Peace Army. There are only four reviews on TrustPilot, which give it a poor rating of 3.3. Traders are disappointed in a system that demands too much money yet fails to give any good results.

Arya customer reviews


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