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Amazon and Nvidia Expand Partnership in AI Space


Amazon.com and Nvidia have announced multiple expansions to their partnership in the artificial intelligence (AI) space. As part of this collaboration, Amazon Web Services (AWS), the company’s cloud unit, will host Nvidia DGX Cloud. This AI supercomputing service will provide businesses with access to supercomputing for training large language and generative AI models.

In addition to this, Nvidia and AWS are teaming up to design what they claim will be the world’s fastest GPU-powered AI supercomputer. This supercomputer will play a crucial role in enhancing Nvidia’s AI product offerings.

During the Las Vegas Reinvent conference, AWS made several other notable announcements. They introduced the Trainium2 AI chip and the Graviton4 processor. The Graviton4 chip, in particular, is hailed as the most powerful and energy-efficient chip ever built by AWS for a wide range of workloads. David Brown, vice president of Compute and Networking at AWS, expressed that Trainium2 will significantly expedite the training of ML models for customers, while also offering cost and energy efficiency benefits.

Apart from these hardware announcements, AWS also revealed Amazon Q, a new chatbot designed specifically for businesses. This chatbot, known as Q, aims to assist users in various tasks such as building applications, resolving errors, and coding new features.

Following these developments, Amazon’s stock experienced a slight dip of 0.6% to $146.81, while Nvidia’s shares saw a 1.2% decline to $477.02.


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