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Choosing a trading service is always a priority for a trader. In this case, it is essential to consider the many factors that 5ers correspond to. This service is unique in its kind, as it provides quality services and helps talented traders develop. What this assistance consists of and what services are provided to clients can be found in our 5ers review.

About Lux 5ers

In 2016, the 5ers service became available to traders. Its founders, G. Ben Hur and S. Achiel are professional traders who have achieved great success in Forex. These people wanted to support talented users who can achieve good results but do not have the start-up capital for this. Especially for them, they created 5ers, which has become a unique platform for “cultivating” young talents. By itself, the tandem of the founders lasted only a short time. They actively began to invite other specialists to their project and were able to gather a team of real professionals around them. This is what allowed the 5ers brand to become famous all over the world.

The company operates openly. It is based in Israel, where its main headquarters is located. The company also has an office in the capital of Great Britain. 5ers has its web resource. It contains much information about the company, its founders, and its team members. This approach creates the image of a reliable partner with whom you can do business. This is reflected in the rapid rise in popularity of the 5ers.

5ers has many account types. They are divided according to the level of risk that the trader prefers. For fans of an aggressive trading strategy, there are three financing options $24,000, $40,000, and $80,000. The exact figures appear in accounts designed to work with minimal risk. To participate in the 5ers program, you must pay €235-€745. The same amount depends on the chosen financing option. In all cases, payment is made only once, after which the trader gets to use all available services.

Service features

Information about the work of the 5ers platform can be found in dozens of sources. Therefore, we do not want to offer you primary data but a step-by-step procedure, starting from registration.

Step-by-step procedure:

  • Go to the official 5ers website and find a list of funding programs on its main page.
  • Carefully study all offers and choose the best one for you.
  • After that, move the mouse pointer over the “Quick Start” button and click on the name of the selected program in the drop-down menu.
  • Fill out the registration form with valid data.
  • Agree with all offers and indicate the priority payment method.
  • Complete the registration, then deposit the required amount.
  • Next, start trading and try to meet the criteria for the funding program. If, after a certain period, your performance is within acceptable limits, then you become a total 5ers customer. Your account will be replenished within the next few hours with the selected amount ($24,000-$80,000).
  • After that, you continue to work, operating with significant funds. As soon as you reach the final goal (earn much more than you received), the support program will be closed, and the whole cycle will repeat itself.

Knowledge is not redundant. If we apply this wisdom regarding 5ers, then it will be helpful for every trader to learn about all the essential features of the service. This data will help to avoid many troubles and find the best option for cooperation.

5ers features:

  • Customer support. This service is open every day except Saturday. It accepts applications from users in many different ways. Most often, traders use the feedback form on the site. Phone calls and emails are also widespread. The efficiency of the support service is not the highest, but its slow work should not be called.
  • Security conditions. Security issues when working on Forex always remain open. The owners of 5ers declare that they securely store users’ personal data and exclude access to them by unauthorized persons. They also guarantee the safety of funds in the accounts of traders. At the same time, no one removes responsibility from the clients themselves. They should be careful with confidential information and not publish it anywhere (for example, account login passwords).
  • Referral program. Everyone who cooperates with 5ers can become part of the affiliate program. It has many different conditions, which need to be devoted to a separate review. Such complexity does not repel traders, and the opportunity to earn 10% of the costs of the invited user causes additional inspiration. This way of making has no restrictions, so you can ask as many traders as you like.
  • Educational content. 5ers is a real treasure for traders who want to develop comprehensively. Especially for these people, the developer’s website has a lot of educational materials. Among them, there are not only texts but also video tutorials, courses, and webinars. All this makes it possible to progress and gain the necessary experience in Forex trading quickly.


In our 5ers review, we included a list of the platform’s main advantages. This information will be helpful to everyone, regardless of experience and level of professionalism. Along with the pros, there are always cons. You should know about them before you start working with 5ers so that they do not become a severe problem later.

Key benefits:

  • known owner
  • the openness of the company
  • a unique program of financing traders
  • variety of account types
  • one-time financial injections
  • many ways of communication
  • a large amount of educational content
  • affiliate program
  • possibility of trading on MT5
  • excellent reviews on the Internet

Important disadvantages:

  • certain restrictions
  • low leverage

Unique and different from others is the 5ers Forex platform. It supports talented traders and provides them with a wide range of services. All this makes it possible to develop quickly and get a decent profit.


Features: 4

Exchanges Supported: 5

Security: 3

Price: 4

Customer Support: 4

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