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1000pip Builder Review

1000pip Builder

1000pip Builder is a Forex signal provider with more than 10 years of experience that promises 2-7 trades per day and a monthly target of 350 pips. But, can you rely on them to provide you with profitable signals on a consistent basis? We can only know that when we perform a thorough analysis of the various aspects of the system.

How 1000pip Builder Works

1000pip Builder features

The vendor has made a decent presentation of the product on the official website. We can see the main features being outlined, along with some details about the trading strategy applied, verified live trading results, and pricing plans. There is also an FAQ section and contact form using which you can get in touch with the team.

The lead trader is a person named Bob James, an ex-employee of a London financial institution who is said to have ample experience of trading in the Forex market. It’s mentioned that he is highly proficient in technical and fundamental analysis and can maximize profits from fluctuating price movements. However, we have no way to verify the identity of this person and there is no information about the team working under him.

1000pip Builder sends profitable Forex signals to its clients via SMS and email. These signals are generated by careful market monitoring and technical analysis. There is a team of experts who provide support to the clients, helping them place their trades.

The signals are provided 24*7, so you can use this system no matter what time zone you’re living in. Whenever you receive a signal from this system, you will find the take profit, stop loss, and entry price clearly outlined. A guide on how to apply the signals will also be provided.

Applied Strategies

1000pip Builder uses the Momentum Rider, Range Trap, and Trend Capture strategies for generating the trading signals. Trend Capture follows the long-term trend exhibited by a currency pair, determining entry points through momentum analysis, chart patterns, and support and resistance zones. Range Trap, on the other hand, is used for trading reversals from the peak and trough of the range. 

Finally, the Momentum Rider strategy aims to profit from strong price shifts triggered by global events and market sentiment swings. Here, the trade is entered early and exited prior to the momentum’s conclusion. 

Backtesting data is somewhat we expected from this Forex EA, considering the highly professional presentation and features, but we were unable to find any. The performance based on historical data is something that Forex traders consider to be crucial and they might be disappointed at this.

1000pip Builder Trading Results

1000pip Builder Myfxbook

On the vendor website, we found live trading results for a trading account verified by Myfxbook. Now, this account was last updated on January 27, 2020, and since then, it hasn’t placed any trades. Its performance is quite decent, however, since it managed to generate a gain of 87.86% from deposits of $3000, bringing the profit amount to $2635.

Out of 534 trades placed by this account, it has won 298, achieving a profitability of 56%. The profit factor of 1.21, while not exceptional, is not too bad either. However, it would have been nice if we could see how the Forex signal provider has performed during recent times. What we can gather from this trading result is that the vendor has abandoned the website and has not cared to update the same. It seems odd that the live trading result for the system was updated about a year ago.

Pricing and Refund

1000pip Builder Pricing

1000pip Builder offers three distinct pricing plans for 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months duration, respectively. While the 1-month plan costs $97, the 3-month plan is priced at $227, which according to the vendor, is after a 22% discount. A discount of 57% is offered for the 12-month plan, and you can get it for only $497.

Even considering the high-end features and decent performance being provided by this Forex signal provider, we think the pricing plans are a little expensive. You can definitely find several service providers on the market that ask for much less. Furthermore, no money back guarantee is offered by the vendor, which raises some questions about the system’s reliability.

Customer Reviews

1000pip Builder Customer Reviews
1000pip Builder Customer Reviews

We found positive reviews on both Forexpeacearmy and Trustpilot concerning 1000pip Builder. Users have heaped words of praise on the lead trader, Bob, appreciating how professional and helpful he was with them. It seems the majority of customers have gained from the services of this Forex signal provider and have been able to close their trades in profit.

The overwhelming majority of customer reviews are positive, and this tells us that many people trust this signal provider.


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