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100% Monthly EA Review

100% Monthly EA

100% Monthly EA is a robot that insists that 100% monthly is possible. We have seen many of them who blew accounts for several months of high-risk trading. The developers try to convince us that “Don’t Miss the final chance to make money fortune.”

100% Monthly EA presentation
100% Monthly EA presentation

There’s common manipulation about how many people lose money from Forex, and we are lucky ones if we’re here. So, the vendor forces us to buy the robot quickly without hesitation. 

How 100% Monthly EA Works

As for the robot that can make 100% monthly, there’s a huge lack of information:

  • 100% Monthly EA can work on the terminal without a need for us to intervene.
  • We may start using the system without any experience.
  • The monthly profit can be 100% or higher.
  • The developers try to convince us that they have extended experience in the Forex field.
  • The backtest report united a year of tick data.
  • The system can trade with a high accuracy rate.
  • The main settings are everything we need.
  • The system requires low spreads to be profitable.
  • The minimum account balance is $500.
  • The leverage can be 1:500.

Applied Strategies

  • The robot runs a multi-pattern trading approach. It’s everything we know about trading strategies.
  • We may trade up to eight cross pairs.
  • We don’t know on what time frame the system works.

100% Monthly EA Trading Results

100% Monthly EA trading results

There’s a backtest report published on myfxbook. The absolute gain was 6,34M%. An average monthly gain was 102.53%. The maximum drawdown was 19.97%. A $1000 has turned into $63,355,544 of the total net profit. The test was performed on the data from January 02, 2020, to April 16, 2021. It has closed 11,619 orders with 24,665 pips. An average win was 4.14 pips when an average loss was -1.26 pips only. The accuracy rate was 63% for Longs and 62% for Shorts. An average trade length was 11 minutes. The Profit Factor was 4.64. 

100% Monthly EA trading results

The robot worked in both directions equally.

100% Monthly EA trading results

The same we could tell about the weekly trading activities.

100% Monthly EA trading results

It executed orders with low risks.

100% Monthly EA monthly gain

The last four months before a release were profitable.

100% Monthly EA trading results

We’ve got a widget with a real USD account. The robot works automatically on it. The account was created on April 15, 2021, and deposited at $3037 in total. The closed profit was $5,014. The floating profit/loss is -$844.57. It’s a significant drawdown.

100% Monthly EA trading results

The total return has amounted to 218.8%. An average monthly return is 175.8%. The maximum drawdown is 12.7%. We can’t be sure it’s the correct intel. The win rate is 79.3%. The profit factor is 2.36. An average trade frequency is 11.1 deals every day executed. The robot has been working for 34 days.

100% Monthly EA trading results

The Risk to Reward ratio is 6.29. The risk of blowing the account is 0.2%. An average trade length is 25.9 hours. The average result is $13.30. An average win is 29.21 when an average loss is -47.32. 

100% Monthly EA trading results

The system works with AUD/CAD, AUD/JPY, EUR/GBP, EUR/JPY, EUR/USD, GBP/CAD, GBP/USD, and NZD/CAD. EURUSD is still ahead in trading frequency – 108 deals. The best profit factor is 48.96 on GBP/CAD ($1,572.68). 

100% Monthly EA trading results

The SELL direction is more preferable to trade for the system.

100% Monthly EA trading results

The advisor executes three different strategies. The most successful is #45675315, with 20.67 of the profit factor.

100% Monthly EA trading results

The best day by profitability is Tuesday with $2,345.

100% Monthly EA trading results

The expert advisor focuses on the European trading session.

100% Monthly EA trading results

The profit factor and win rate went down in May compared with April 2021.

Pricing & Refund

100% Monthly EA Pricing

There three ways of working with this EA. The first one is purchasing signals for $35 monthly. The pack includes daily signals, precise entry levels, signals for all trading sessions, updates, and so on. The rent option costs $79 monthly. We have the same plus auto trading. There are MT4 and MT5 versions of the system. The ultimate pack costs $1399 for a lifetime license. We don’t know how many real or demo accounts are allowed to be used. There’s no money-back guarantee provided.

People feedback

100% Monthly EA People feedback

We’ve got a page of 100% monthly EA on the Forex Peace Army. There are only two comments available. 

100% Monthly EA People feedback

The person couldn’t make profits using this system. Anyway, for the robot that has these results, there should be more reviews.

Other notes

We know absolutely nothing about the developers. It’s suspicious that there’s no single link on social networks or developers’ profiles provided. Who are these guys? Can we trust them blindly?


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